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11 Aug Why Light Up a Sign Using a Solar Lighting System
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Signs are everywhere, whether it’s a business sign on a store front, a neighborhood sign at the entrance of a housing development, or a welcome sign when entering a city.  Thousands of dollars can be invested into the design, manufacturing, and installation of a sign, to then realize it needs to be illuminated.  But quite often it will be determine..
11 Aug Avoiding Solar Panel Shading
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We can’t emphasize enough the importance of installing a solar system correctly. There are several components that make up a solar system, including a solar panel, batteries, charge controller, and electric component such as a light fixture. All components of the system need to be installed properly for the whole system to work efficiently, and rel..
07 Aug Solar Parking Lot Lights in Bedforshire - Project by Solar Illuminatons
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Central Bedfordshire approached us to provide and install solar powered parking lot lights for Houghton Hall Park in Dunstable, UK. The given requirements for the project were to mount the lights on 4 meter poles, use a PIR motion detector to dim the light level, power the lights for 4 hours past sunset and 2 before sunrise, and provide coverage fo..
30 Jul The truth behind LED Modules and Solar Lights
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LED Modules Aren’t Always the Best For Internally Lit Signs – Solar Powered Ones!Many of those in the sign industry have become accustomed to using LED modules for internally illuminating sign cabinets, channel lettering, panel signs, and various others. LED modules are easy to install, with LED module manufacturers providing recommended spacing pa..
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