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Solar Bollard Lights and lighting

Quick and easy to install solar lighting solution for sidewalks, trails, parking lots, and other outdoor areas

Our solar powered LED bollard lights are a quick and easy to install lighting solution to illuminating dark walkways, parking lots, and other outdoor spaces. A solar bollard can save money as an alternative to trenching electrical wires, and paying for monthly meter and electric bills. The light fixtures can be installed within minutes in any location with a direct view of the sun, providing outdoor lighting through the night year round. 

The solar powered bollard lights consist of everything necessary built in to one unit. The solar panels are built in to the top of the bollard, with the LED lights and rechargeable battery also built in the top section. Our bollards are supplied with anchors to allow for installation to an existing solid surface such as concrete or wooden deck. 

Our bollards are perfect for long walkways, sidewalks, trails, parking lots, parks, neighborhoods, schools and universities. They provide enough light to show potential walking hazards such as steps, and changes in gradient. The bollards can be used as accent lights around seating areas, sea walls, and other outdoor areas. In addition to the cost savings with solar lighting, it’s also an environmentally friend option for lighting, providing a green image for companies and organizations that use them. 

Please feel free to call us or send us an email if you have any additional questions about our solar lighting options.

Model: PL01
This mini bollard light stands approx. 17.5" tall and can be installed on to any solid level surface. It is an accent light that will spread a low level of light in the area that it's installed. It will automatically activate at dusk in "dim mode" and will switch to full brightness when motion ..
Model: BC13 Solar Bollard
The solar 'Nova' bollard light is our own design and is not available elsewhere. It can be quickly and easily installed almost anywhere. Ideal for walkways, parking lots, public areas, sidewalks etc. Choice of two sizes. This LED bollard light fixture is the brightest of its type on the market at t..
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