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Solar Christmas Lights

Solar Illuminations created the first solar christmas lights back in 2002. They have been very popular ever since. When decorating outdoors for the holiday season it is quicker and easier to use solar. Our LED light strings can be installed almost anywhere outdoors. Available in a choice of different styles and lengths including the latest LED snowfall lights which create an amazing night scene. No conerns about electric lighting or running extension cords outdoors because these lights are perfectly safe for outdside use. Most of these products have a mode switch which enables you to select steady on mode of flashing. Some models even have several modes that allow twinkling, chasing and other ligthing patterns. Easy online ordering. Fast Worldwide delivery.

Model: XP06
High quality solar rope lighting system for festive or year-round use. Easy to install. Several different user selectable lighting patterns including chasing, twinkling, flashing, steady-on etc. Offered in a choice of either white or multi-color versions. This solar rope light is supplied wit..
Model: XP10
Solar Illuminations is the first company in the world to offer solar snowfall lights. They create an amazing snow falling effect using the latest LED technology. Offered in three different sizes. Prices from $39.99 per set.These are sometimes referred to as meteor lights or star fall lights. The..
Model: XP02
This is a popular set of 50 LED string lights. Easy to install almost anywhere and can be used at Christmas or all year round. They can be set to static (steady-on) or blinking mode. Available in a choice of either white or multi-color. This latest version (for 2016 onwards) comprises of a ..
Model: XP04
The 'Starlight' string light set consists of 50 LED's available in a choice of two different colour versions. Easy to install almost anywhere and can be used at Christmas or all year round for decorative lighting.This light string consists of 50 LEDs spread across 31’ of cable that connects to a..
Model: XP12
The lantern string light set consists of 10 white LEDs, with blue, red, yellow, and white colored lanterns. Easy to install almost anywhere and can be used to decorate your patio or deck year round.This light string consists of 10 LEDs spread across approximately 14’ of cable that connects to a co..
Model: XP08
This kit is a commercial grade Christmas light system. It was designed by us and it's only available from us. It is designed for commercial use and for more demanding applications where there is a need for holiday lighting in public areas. Perfect for temporary use.Solar Illuminations is proud to ..
Model: XP09
This set of commercial LED lights is specifically for use with our XP08 'Light-Show' and is intended to be a replacement for the original light string or for use as a second string of lights. You must have our XP08 'Light-Show' system to use this light string. This set com..
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