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FL13 Solar Panel Clamp Kit

FL13 Solar Panel Clamp Kit
FL13 Solar Panel Clamp Kit
FL13 Solar Panel Clamp Kit
FL13 Solar Panel Clamp Kit
FL13 Solar Panel Clamp Kit

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This heavy duty solar panel clamp attachment kit was designed by us through popular demand. It enables our 6w, 7w, 10w, 14w, 20w or 30w solar panel to attach directly to a round pole or most vertical or horizontal surfaces and still allows the solar panel to be adjusted to the desired angle.

This kit consists of a heavy duty steel clamp which is suitable for attaching solar panels to a round pole or post. It can also be used to fix to almost any flat surface (horizontal or vertical). Once secured, this bracket will enable a 6w, 7w, 10w, 14w, or 20w solar panel to attach to it. Many of our systems, including our FL05, and FL06 are supplied with panels that can use this pole mount bracket. The supplied clamp is designed to attach to a pole with the diameter of around up to 4". You can purchase a larger clamp that will accommodate poles up to 5" or 6" in diameter. The kit is supplied with two pieces of adjustable banding which attaches the bracket to the pole. Installation is simple; wrap the banding around the pole and through the bracket, and tighten the banding. This clamp may be surface mounted directly to a pole if pole diameter is too large. For installation to a vertical or horizontal surface, discard the banding, and screw or bolt the flat side of the mounting plate to the surface. The solar panel attachment piece is adjustable and allows for various solar panel widths. Color of bracket is grey.

Popular Uses

Used to mount solar panels on a pole with diameters of up to 4", 5" or 6". Can be used with 6 watt, 7 watt, 10 watt, 14 watt, or 20 watt solar panels. You can also use this sturdy panel bracket to mount the solar panel to any solid flat surface, rather than using the supplied adjustable banding.

Technical Specifications

Manufactured in an ISO9001:2000 'Quality Assured' facility.
Steel clamp attachment kit for our 6w, 7w, 10w, 14w, and 20w solar panels.
For solar panels supplied with our FL05, FL06 light kits, as well as other light systems.
Grey painted finish.
Easy to install.
Fits almost any round pole or round post up to 4", 5", or 6" diameter.
Simply clamps and locks around a pole or post.
Can be fixed to almost any flat surface without the use of the banding pieces.
Can be attached to a square sided post.
Can be attached to a larger diameter pole or post directly, by removing the banding or using larger banding.
Solar panel mount is off the T-bar section and allows for different sized solar panels.
Swivel joint allows the solar panel to be appropriately angled (typically approx 45 degrees).
Lenght of support arm is approx. 17".
Nuts, bolts and washers included for standard installation.


One year warranty*.
Additionally, unlimited, lifetime technical support is available for all warranty registrations.

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