Solar Parking Lot Lights

The largest and most unique collection of solar LED street light & parking lot lights in the world.

Superior grade solar parking lot lights in the USA. Each high efficiency solar parking lot light system is supplied complete and incorporates the latest LED technology. We offer many different options including a choice of pole heights, a selection of LED luminaires and component packages that are designed and engineered specifically the application, the geographic location and the required nightly illumination time. Some of our systems are available without a pole and can be retro-fitted to an existing pole. If there is no power at your parking lot or if it is just to expensive to trench cables then consider our lighting systems instead. Whether you want to light a few parking spaces or illuminate a huge lot, we have the solution! Fast and simple installation with no grid connection required. We assure you that our prices will be the best you will find. Nationwide and international shipping available. Photometric renderings and IES data are available upon request.

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