CP05 10W LED Spot Light Fixture (For Custom Built Systems)

CP05 10W LED Spot Light Fixture (For Custom Built Systems)

Brand: Solar Illuminations
Product Code: CP05
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Price: $99.99

We offer a huge selection of solar powered LED light fixtures, lamps and bulbs in a variety of different models and styles. We have several hundred to choose from! One or more of these light fixtures can be selected and included in a custom built system to meet your specific needs.

Please call a sales representative for information and pricing for a custom designed system that will specifically meet your needs.
Call: 239-461-5522
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST.

Technical Specifications

Light Fixture
Heavy duty, weatherproof lamp head.
10W COB LED.  About 150watts of incandescent light.
Total 1000 Lumens. Spot light With highly concentrated light pattern.
Fitted with a U shape mounting bracket.
Color of light fixture is Black or Silver.
Light fixture dimensions approx. 3" long x 3" diameter (8cm x 8cm).


This product is for custom designed systems. Our staff of Solar Lighting Experts can design a system to suit just about any need. Please contact a sales representative for help with designing a custom system.


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