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SP12 Solar Panel Top Pole Mount Kit

SP12 Solar Panel Top Pole Mount Kit
SP12 Solar Panel Top Pole Mount Kit
SP12 Solar Panel Top Pole Mount Kit
SP12 Solar Panel Top Pole Mount Kit
SP12 Solar Panel Top Pole Mount Kit
SP12 Solar Panel Top Pole Mount Kit
SP12 Solar Panel Top Pole Mount Kit
SP12 Solar Panel Top Pole Mount Kit
SP12 Solar Panel Top Pole Mount Kit

Available Options

This heavy duty kit enables a solar panel to be pole mounted to the top of a pole. The coupling secures to a maximum diameter of 4.5” (115mm). It offers a wide range of adjustment to suite a variety of solar panels. The panel tilt is fully adjustable between 0-90 degrees (Horizontal to Vertical).

Solar Illuminations own designed accessory. This kit consists of a painted galvanized coupling and cross arm that enables you to mount a solar panel array on to a pole or pipe of up to 4.5” OD (115mm OD). Supplied with U-Bolts to secure the cross arm to the coupling and clamps and/or supporting frame to secure solar module. Solar panel and pole/pipe are not included

Popular Uses

Used to mount solar panel on a pole diameter ranging from 2" to 4.5".

Technical Specifications

Please contact technical support regarding any questions about the various options.
690 Arm: Allows pole mounting of a single 45W, 70W, 90W, or 100 Watt solar panel.
1525 Arm: Allows pole mounting of a double 70W (140W), 90W (180W), 100W (200W) and can be used with a single 190W/250W module or double 190W/250W (380W/modules with appropriate support frame.
2150 Arm: Allows pole mounting of larger arrays or for customization for DIY projects.
Select the appropriate support frame for your application, single 190W/250W support frames, and double 190W/250W support frames are made to order. Please specify the configuration of your solar panel at time of purchase. Single 45W, 70W, 90W, and 100W and Double 70W (140W), 90W (180W), and 100W (200W) configurations do not require additional support frames if the solar panel already includes a preinstalled support frame.
For a double panel configuration (double 70W (140W), 90W (180W), 100W (200W)) select option for an additional pair of solar panel clamps.
Painted galvanized steel.
Easy to install.
Fits almost any round pole, round post, or pipe with diameter ranging from 3" to 4.5" (76mm to 114mm) (OD).
Simply clamps and locks around a round pole or round post.
Longer coupling bolts may be required for smaller pole diameters.
Nuts and bolts included for standard installation.
Longer solar panel mounting arms can be supplied to accommodate multiple solar panel configurations (at additional cost).
In some cases holes may need to be drilled into the frame of the solar panel to allow for mounting.


One year warranty*.
Additionally, unlimited, lifetime technical support is available for all warranty registrations.

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