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GT02 Grid-Tied Solar Street Light Power System

A grid tied solar street or parking lot light is a light that is connected to the power grid, but also has a solar array and grid-interactive inverters. The solar array on the top of the light becomes a power generator, delivering electricity into the grid during the day, thereby offsetting the power used by the lighting at night. Grid-tied street lights will work just about anywhere in the United States. With the top five states having the fastest return on investment and the best solar policies being: Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Oregon, and New York. Though each state offers a different mix of policy and incentives, all these states have managed to ensure a future in which solar power is a big part of the energy picture. These five states are setting the standard for what it means to be solar-friendly. That’s not to say that a grid-tied solar parking lot like isn’t a viable opportunity for investment in other states. When the abundance of sunlight is combined with utility incentives, state and federal tax credits, and low power LED lights; the result is a solar powered light that can operate with nearly zero energy costs.

A grid-tie solar street light system includes a solar panel combined with a grid-tie inverter and a couple of other electrical system components to create electricity that is then fed to the main electrical grid. A typical system includes the following components: Solar Panels, Inverter, Inverter Wiring, and the AC disconnect. Systems can be supplied to operate on 240V split-phase or 208V three-phase (one inverter per phase). A typical kit includes all essential components to facilitate solar power generation in a safe manor. Additional parts for the AC connection like conduit, AC electrical wiring, AC junction box, back-feed breaker, etc. may need to be purchased separately. A bidirectional meter will also be necessary, we suggest contacting your electric service provider for additional information about meters.

Popular Uses

Street light retrofit kits designed to offset the light’s electrical cost as well as add additional revenue generation opportunities to the owner.

Technical Specifications

Includes one +250W solar panel
280W grid-tie inverter capable of 240V single phase delivery
30A 240VAC disconnect designed to handle up to 14 systems
Interconnection cables from array to inverter
Top pole mount kit or side pole mount kit for one module

Solar Panel
Highly efficient poly or mono crystalline solar panel.
Aluminum frame with anti-aging and encapsulated.
Low reflecting tempered glass.
Wattage of solar panel is subject to availability; nominal output is equal to or greater than 250W.
Typical solar panel dimensions are approx. 39" x 66" x 2" (LxWxD).
Typical solar panel life is approximately 30 years subject to environmental factors.
For large quantity orders we offer customization of this product therefore some specifications can be changed to meet the specific requirements of a customer.
Alternative solar panel types, wattages and sizes may be available upon request.

Output Power: 270/280VA
Commonly used module pairing - input power: 235 W - 365W
Peak Power Tracking Voltage: 27 - 37 V
Best-in-class 97.3% Peak Inverter Efficiency
Integrated ground, eliminating the need for a copper grounding wire or WEEB
CSA Listed per UL 1741/IEEE1547
Enclosure environmental rating Outdoor - NEMA 6
Variable grid profiles ie. Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) Rule 14H, California Rule 21, and others
Industry-leading warranty, up to 25 years
Maximum units per dedicated 20A AC branch circuit: 21 (three phase, balanced) 14 (single phase)

AC Disconnect/Junction
Residential or light commercial applications
UL listed NEMA3R outdoor enclosure
Two-pole with lugs suitable for aluminum or copper wires
Quick reliable on-off operating mechanism
Lockable handle for safety of electrical or emergency personnel
Combines up to three separate strings of inverters.
includes 300V AC Surge Protector Device, Type 1 device per UL1449 rev3 for 120/240 VAC circuits.
Dimensions: 13.5" x 9" x 7.25"
Weight: 5.5 lbs

Pole Mount
Top of pole mount or side of pole mount for one 60 cell solar panel
Suitable for a top pole diameter of 4.0 inches (Schedule 40 Pipe Not Included.)
Side pole mount suitable for 2" diameter up to approx. 6" diameter (depending on U-bolt, sold separately)
Easy tilt solar panel adjustment ensures optimal alignment in a range of environments
Heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant design using aluminum and galvanized steel
Includes stainless steel hardware

Interconnecting Cable
Connection wiring between the array and inverter are included.

Additional Recommended Equipment
While our kits included most of the essential equipment needed, we are unable to provide everything. Some parts are specific to the job at hand, and thus we recommend you get these separately.
Standard AC wiring is not included, we recommend a minimum of 12 AWG.
Conduit and accessories are not included, we recommend a minimum of ½”.
Backfeed breaker and/or retaining kit specific to brand on site.
Solar (PV) grid-tie labels specific to your AHJ.
Solid grounding conductor
4” Sch. 40 or Sch. 80 pipe is not included, however may be available upon request.
Fixing hardware (U-Bolts) for side pole mount are not included, we recommend ½” U-bolts with large washers.

20 year solar panel warranty, 25 year inverter warranty, 5 year warranty on all other components.*
Additionally, unlimited, lifetime technical support is available for all warranty registrations.

Please Note: This product is a special order and is non-returnable except in the event of a fault (during its warranty period) when the product, once returned will be repaired or replaced.


The solar panel must be installed in a location where it can receive full direct sunshine (when available) and usually set facing South at an appropriate angle (where adjustment options allow). The solar panel must not be installed in a shaded or part shaded location and never indoors. The standard specifications of the system (particularly the solar panel Wattage and battery capacity) may need to be adjusted. These components are determined by your geographic location and power consumption. Such changes to the standard specifications may increase or decrease the cost shown. Please contact us for more information or assistance. System performance is subject to various factors including (but not limited to) geographic location, seasons, temperature, weather conditions, location of product, etc. Performance of most solar systems can reduce during winter months when the weather is poor and the days are shorter. During this time insolation hours decrease accordingly. Variations in system perforance due to one or more of the above factors does not define the product as being ‘defective’ or ‘not as described’. Although unlikely, we reserve the right to supply this product with any minor alterations or minor changes to the specifications (shown above by text description or by photographs) due to different supplies or product batches received, incorporating such product changes made by the manufacturer, without further notice. Descriptions, specifications and photographs are updated regularly but may not be current when minor changes to a product have only recently been made.

The product specifications above should be used as a general guide. We can offer modifications and changes to the specifications of this product if necessary. This may be required to meet your specific needs and/or due to the geographic location of the installation site. In locations where insolation levels are poor or lower than normal, a higher wattage solar panel and larger capacity batteries may be required. We offer full product customization and options including UL listed or ETL certified components and the provision of Buy American Act (BAA & ARRA) compliance, if required. Please contact our sales department for more information before making your purchase.

* View our Terms, Conditions and Polices (including our Returns Policy) for further information.