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Solar Toys, Puzzles & Kits

Solar Illuminations offers a selection of solar powered educational toys, puzzles, games and kits. These make a unique gift idea and are for the young and old alike.

Model: ST01
This educational model kit is based upon a solar bullet train. For ages around 7+. This DIY kit is great for a beginner model maker. 17 parts snap together with a small solar panel and a small motor it can self-propel using free renewable energy from the sun. Solar propelled model train kit provide..
Model: ST02
This solar educational kit comprises of multiple wooden parts which simply push together to create a windmill and garden scene. Once built the windmill will turn in sunshine or strong daylight. For ages around 7+. Wooden model kit, consisting of solar powered wind mill. When put in direct sunlight ..
Model: ST03
This solar educational kit comprises of six different easy to build models. For ages around 7+. This kit is great for kids to learn about solar energy and solar power. Includes windmill, plane, airboat, car and others. Solar model kit can be assembled into a windmill, plane, air boat, car or other ..
Model: ST04
This tiny little car is solar powered. Just place it outside in the sunshine on a smooth surface and it will race along using the energy from the sun alone. For ages around 5+. When this miniature solar powered car is put in direct sunlight the car will move. No parts to assemble, it comes complete..
Model: ST05
This brightly colored flower happily dances away in its flowerpot in the sunshine or in strong daylight. Just sit it near a window for use as an indoor novelty item. For ages around 5+. When this small solar powered dancing flower is put in direct sunlight the flowers will move. No parts to assembl..
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