The terms street lights and lamp posts are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference and some people are not sure what the difference is. Both types of lights consist of a light fixture mounted onto the top or side of a light pole. The difference between the two comes down to the appearance of the light fixture and pole, along with the brightness of the light. We offer a solar powered version of both options. 

Our solar powered LED street lights are fitted with powerful lights that can be used for main roads in towns or cities, along neighborhood streets, throughout school campuses, parks, or any other similar application. They can be used in parking lots, or other areas where a uniform and wide distribution of light is necessary. Most of the solar street lights supplied by Solar Illuminations can be customized to meet the requirements of the application. We can change the brightness of the light, the illumination time, the height of the light pole, and supply the appropriately sized solar panel and batteries to meet those requirements. Many of the lamp heads supplied with our street lights can be supplied with various types of optics in order to meet specific lighting patterns. A street light will often consist of a visible solar panel mounted to the top of the light pole, a light fixture mounted on a light arm, and a battery enclosure that can be mounted at any height on the pole. Our solar powered street lights can be supplied with larger capacity batteries to accommodate weather conditions throughout the country allowing for dusk to dawn illumination even in the winter months.

Lamp posts are more simple in their design, and are often installed in neighborhoods, along walkways in parks, and other areas where low-level lighting is required. They normally consist of a 10 to 15 ft light pole, with a light fixture mounted to the top. Solar powered versions have the solar panel, batteries, and light normally built into one decorative lamp. This keeps the solar panel and batteries out of sight, leading most people to not even know that it is a solar powered light. Lamp posts are not normally as bright, and do not illuminate as large of an aera compared to street lights due to design constraints. Neighborhoods normally install lamps posts to provide security, and to provide lighting for residents so that they can walk dogs at night and other similar activities. The goal is to provide enough light to see, but not too much light that they shine into homes and bother residents. We offer several types and styles of lamp posts. If you have existing light poles, we can supply lamp post pole top lights as a retro-fit option to mount to your existing poles. If you do not have poles, we can supply them complete with a light fixture and pole. The lights can be installed in any location that has full direct view of the sun, without the need of running power.

To bridge the gap between the two types of light poles, Solar Illuminations offers a hybrid between the two styles. Our SL15, SL22 and SL45 street lights are more decorative like a lamp posts, but can provide the flexibility and light output more along the lines of a street light. They are a perfect fit for neighborhoods looking to easily and affordable add lighting. The battery enclosure is integrated into the base of the pole, making it less visible. The total height of the light pole is 17 ft allowing it to fit in in a neighborhood setting, while also allowing the light to provide a wide illumination spread. The decorative lamp shade is in-keeping for most neighborhoods, and the brightness of the light can be adjusted to meet the requirements of the neighborhood. The size of the solar panel and batteries can be sized accordingly based on the weather conditions in the installation location, allowing for reliable performance year-round. 

Whether you’re looking for lamp posts for your neighborhood, street lights for a city road, or parking lot lights for a shopping plaza, we have an affordable and reliable option for you. Most of our commercial grade street lights are supplied with a 5 year limited warranty, and life time technical support. We love hearing from you, so please call us so we can discuss lighting for your next project!