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SL21 Solar 36W LED Street/Parking Lot Light (With Pole)

This solar street light is available with a 36 Watt (3600 Lumen) LED lamp. Sold as a complete system. This modern, new solar LED street light offers a minimalistic solution to lighting streets, parking lots, walkways and open areas etc. It's unqiue that all the components are built into the pole (including the vertical solar panels) creating a sleek, aesthetically pleasing look. LED light output choice of white or warm white. 

This solar powered LED street light is very different from the majority of other solar street lights. This is because the solar panels are discreetly mounted into the faces on all side of the pole. The Icon 2 comes complete with a square shaped pole which stands approximately 16.5' (5m) tall. Multiple solar panels are positioned on all four sides, mounted vertically and recessed into the pole. This not only looks modern and neat but it also substantially increase the wind resistance. It also prevents the solar panels from become damaged by hail or impeded with snow cover. The pole is made of galvanized steel and has a black or white colored plastic coated surface for maximum protection against the elements. The compact lampshade is fitted with 36 x 1w LED's each providing 100 Lumens. The LED lamp provides a downward lighting spread of 120 degrees and the system has up to 4 days autonomy (back-up for cloudy weather). The system includes a high capacity Lithium battery pack which is contained within the pole. The pole has a lockable access cover. This system comes complete with a MPPT charge control module. It can be programmed to run from dusk to dawn or it can be set to switch on at dusk and then switch off after a selected amount of hours. Color of light output is available in a choice of white or warm white. Shipping costs will vary and are subject to quantity, size and weight of shipment as well as delivery address. For a majority of US states, domestic shipping is typically average around $500 for one street light with 20' pole and around $350 for each subsequent street light with 20' pole sent at the same time to the same address. You can email us to request a shipping estimate once you are ready to place an order. Domestic street light shipments are sent by UPS Freight and delivery times vary from 1-7 business days depending upon the delivery address and service. Air shipping is, naturally, not an option. International orders will require shipping by sea, in one or more containers.

Popular Uses

It is perfect for lighting up small streets, footpaths, parks, open areas, playgrounds, public areas, small car parks, private communities and developments, housing estates, entrances and such like. It can be used for residential or commercial applications. Having a more traditional style makes this a popular choice for many.

How to Order

We do not accept credit card payments for this product and for this value. Payment would be via check or bank wire transfer (T/T payment). All orders must be placed in writing (by mail, fax or email) and must include all billing and shipping details, the product number and quantity required. Once we receive your written order or purchase order you will be supplied with a pro-forma invoice which you can check to make sure all the information is correct. You will then be required to make payment, in full, against the pro-forma invoice. Your order will ship only when payment has been received and confirmed cleared. A bank wire transfer is the fastest and easiest way to make payment. Most street light shipments are shipped out from our Florida warehouse via UPS Freight with transit time of typically 1-6 business days (from date of dispatch), subject to the delivery address. Shipments outside the USA may take longer.

Quantity discounts are:
10-19 Units ... Less 5%
20-49 Units ... Less 10%
50-99 Units ... Less 15%
100-499  Units ... Less 20%
500-999 Units ... Less 25%
1000+ Units ... Less 30%

Technical Specifications

Manufactured in an ISO9001:2000 'Quality Assured' facility.
Operating voltage is 12 v. DC.
Special control system to prevent over-charging and over-discharging.
Power consumption of the system is 12v / 3A / 36W
Illumination time is up to 12 hours or more, generally dusk to dawn.
Up to 4 days autonomy (reserve power) to allow for successive cloudy weather and days without sunshine.
Total weight approx. 408 lbs (185kg).

Light Fixture
Aluminum lampshade I.P. 67 weather rated.
Fitted with 36 Cree® SMD/LED's.
The white color SMD/LED's are approx 6000k to 6500k color temperature
The warm white color SMD/LED's are approx 3000k to 3500k color temperature
Each LED has a light output of approx. 100 Lumens.
Total output is 3600 Lumens.
LED beam angle is approx. 120 degrees.

Post / Pole
Galvanized (hot dipped) square shaped steel pole with base unit to enable secure installation.
Pole has a square flat base (flat plate) with pre-drilled holes for installation.
Fixing bolts are included.
The pole has a lockable inspection cover and internal housing for battery.
Black or white color finish. Custom colors by special order only.

Compact support arm allows the lampshade to attach to the top of the pole.
Black or white color finish. Custom colors by special order only.

12v DC system use one 12v Lithium (Li-Ion) rechargeable battery.
Battery capacity is 90 Amp/Hour.
Typical battery life is approximately 5-7 years subject to environmental factors.
Please note, if you do not install or use this product for several months the battery may discharge naturally on its own. By allowing a battery to deep discharge it may cause irreversible damage as the battery may then lose the ability to recharge or hold a full charge. Periodic charging is always recommended when a product is not being used or when the solar panel is disconnected.
For large quantity orders we offer customization of this product therefore some specifications can be changed to meet the specific requirements of a customer.
Alternative battery types, capacities and sizes may be available upon request.

Control Module
The compact control module has LED indicators to display status, and houses connections for solar panel, batteries, and the lamp.
Accepts and controls GEL, AGM and sealed lead acid type (VRLA) batteries.
Low voltage disconnect regulated by state of charge or voltage.
Detects daytime and night time conditions via the solar panel.
Automatic adaption to ambient temperature conditions.
Protection rating I.P.22
User programmable illumination time of up to 1 to 12 hours or dusk-to-dawn setting (where conditions permit).
Default setting is typically dusk to dawn.
User or installer can set the control module to run from dusk and then shut off after a certain amount of hours.
For example from dusk for 4 hours then switch off, or run from dusk for 6 hours then switch off.
Instructions are supplied should the user or installer need to program or re-program the module*.

Solar Panel

A total of 12 highly efficient polycrystalline solar panels are included.
Aluminum framed with anti-aging and encapsulated.
Low reflecting tempered glass.
Wattage is 24w (18v) per panel (288w total).
Typical solar panel life is approximately 20-25 years subject to environmental factors.

Installation guide included.
Upon curbside delivery, installation is entirely at the risk of the customer and/or the customer's appointed installer.


Two year warranty*.
Additionally, unlimited, lifetime technical support is available for all warranty registrations.

Please Note: This product is a special order and is non-returnable except in the event of a fault (during its warranty period) when the product, once returned will be repaired or replaced.


The solar panel must be installed in a location where it can receive full direct sunshine (when available) and usually set facing South at an appropriate angle (where adjustment options allow). The solar panel must not be installed in a shaded or part shaded location and never indoors. The standard specifications of the system (particularly the solar panel Wattage and battery capacity) may need to be adjusted. These components are determined by your geographic location, power consumption (LED Wattage) and the total amount of hours of illumination time required. Such changes to the standard specifications may increase or decrease the cost shown. Please contact us for more information or assistance. The illumination time is estimated and subject to various factors including (but not limited to) geographic location, seasons, temperature, weather conditions & location of product etc. The illumination time of most solar lights can reduce during winter months when the weather is poor and the days are shorter. During this time insolation hours decrease accordingly. Shorter illumination time due to one or more of the above factors does not define the product as being ‘defective’ or ‘not as described’. All solar lights must be used in a completely dark location at night time otherwise they may not illuminate. Nearby strong lighting sources or ambient lighting may affect the operation of a solar light. This does not define the product as being 'defective' or 'not as described'. Please note, if you do not install or use this product for several months the battery may discharge naturally on its own. By allowing a battery to deep discharge it may cause irreversible damage as the battery may then lose the ability to recharge or hold a full charge. Although unlikely, we reserve the right to supply this product with any minor alterations or minor changes to the specifications (shown above by text description or by photographs) due to different supplies or product batches received, incorporating such product changes made by the manufacturer, without further notice. Descriptions, specifications and photographs are updated regularly but may not be current when minor changes to a product have only recently been made.

* View our Terms, Conditions and Polices (including our Returns Policy) for further information.

Solar Lights Data
Lumen Output3600 lumens
Equivalent Incandescent WattageApprox 400 watts
Approximate Illumination TimeTypically dusk to dawn
Solar Panel Wattage288 watt
Programable ControllerYes
Pole Height16.5' (5m)
Pole IncludedYes