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FL56 Solar Sign Light System (1 or 2 Light Fixtures)

FL56 Solar Sign Light System (1 or 2 Light Fixtures)
FL56 Solar Sign Light System (1 or 2 Light Fixtures)
FL56 Solar Sign Light System (1 or 2 Light Fixtures)
FL56 Solar Sign Light System (1 or 2 Light Fixtures)
FL56 Solar Sign Light System (1 or 2 Light Fixtures)
FL56 Solar Sign Light System (1 or 2 Light Fixtures)
FL56 Solar Sign Light System (1 or 2 Light Fixtures)
FL56 Solar Sign Light System (1 or 2 Light Fixtures)
FL56 Solar Sign Light System (1 or 2 Light Fixtures)
FL56 Solar Sign Light System (1 or 2 Light Fixtures)
FL56 Solar Sign Light System (1 or 2 Light Fixtures)
FL56 Solar Sign Light System (1 or 2 Light Fixtures)
FL56 Solar Sign Light System (1 or 2 Light Fixtures)
FL56 Solar Sign Light System (1 or 2 Light Fixtures)
FL56 Solar Sign Light System (1 or 2 Light Fixtures)
FL56 Solar Sign Light System (1 or 2 Light Fixtures)
FL56 Solar Sign Light System (1 or 2 Light Fixtures)

Available Options

A solar powered sign light kit is an environmentally friendly lighting solution that can be installed quick and easily in any location with direct view of the sun. No need to run electric cables out to your sign; avoiding high installation costs and hassle. Our solar lighting systems are supplied with all the necessary equipment for your location, allowing for reliable performance year round!

This solar lighting set is supplied with one or two light fixtures designed to be mounted above the face of a sign to illuminate below. One light is suitable for a sign up to 4ft x 4ft, and two lights are best suited for double sided signs. Along with the light fixtures, a solar panel, batteries, battery enclosure, MPPT charge controller, and necessary cables are included. The necessary sized solar panel and battery capacity for your system varies based on the quantity of lights and desired illumination time. Illumination options include dusk to dawn or 8 hours illumination.

Please contact our sales department for assistance in determining the appropriate sized solar panel and batteries to meet your requirements.

Technical Specifications

One or two light fixtures are included in this system.
Can illuminate dusk till dawn, up to 8 hours, or any other requested duration.
Suitable for signs up to 4’ x 4’ (1.2m x 1.2m).
Manufactured in an ISO9001:2008'Quality Assured' facility.
Up to 3 nights of autonomy subject to time length of night time illumination.

Light Fixture
Each light is fitted with 18 SMD/LEDs.
Total 150 Lumens.
LED beam angle is approx. 60 degrees.
Warm white LED color temperature approx. 2700k.
The light is fitted with approximately 10' 10" (3m) of pre-plugged cable.
Additional extension cable is available (upon request) as an option.
The light fixture is weather rated to I.P 65.
Lamp section dimensions 13.5" long x .5" wide (34cm x 1.5cm).
The extension arm is 9" long and 1.5" wide (23cm x 14cm).

24V DC system.
Necessary battery capacity based on quantity of lights and desired illumination time.
Battery capacity options include 2 x 9Ah, 2 x 12Ah, 2 x 18Ah, 2 x 32Ah
Battery type is AGM. Gel battery is available by special order.

Battery Box
A plastic or metal weatherproof battery box is supplied to accommodate the battery.
Size and model of battery enclosure depends on batteries required.
Battery enclosure options include BE01 and BE02.
The battery box has a removable front which is lockable (padlock not included).
The battery box also houses the charge controller.
BE01 dimensions: 10.5" x 8" x 4.5"
BE02 dimensions: 9.9" x 15.75" x 8.9"

Solar Panel
Aluminum framed glass solar panel is included.
Solar panel size / Wattage varies based on installation location, quantity of lights, and desired illumination time.
Solar panel options include 45 Watts, 70 Watts, 90 Watts, and 100 Watts.
Supplied with 10' (3m) of cable/cord. Additional cord is available as an optional extra.
The solar panel cord connects directly to the battery box.
Solar panels are supplied with mounting triangles to allow for surface mounting.
45W panel dimensions: 34.25” x 20.13” x 1.5”
70W panel dimensions: 32.35" x 26.22" x 1.5"
90W panel dimensions: 40.25" x 26.25" x 1.5"
100W panel dimensions: 47.87" x 26.43" x 1.5"

Control Module
Supplied with a MPPT charge controller which automatically controls the solar panel power, battery charging and lighting function and operation.
An optional Bluetooth dongle can be purchased to allow access to the charge controller history and programming options.
Ultra fast Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT).
The MPPT charge controller is typically 30% more efficient than standard PWM controllers and 10% more efficient to most other MPPT controllers.
Additional efficiency for cloudy weather and during times of reduced sun radiation.
Provides extended battery life and extra protection against excessive battery discharge and overcharge.
Low voltage detection for automatic disconnect.
Pre-programmed software for load output, dusk to dawn lighting, single timed lighting, dual timed lighting, dimming option and the ability of interfacing with motion detection, where required.
This MPPT charge controller is programmed by Solar Illuminations as per your requirements and system ability.
Lighting control features illumination from dusk to dawn (where applicable), or on at dusk for X amount of hours then off, or on at dusk for X amount of hours, then off, then back on again for X amount of hours before dawn.
Dimming option (where applicable) allows the lighting to dim at any time during the illumination time.
Battery voltage 12/24V dc auto select.
Rated charge current 10A/15A.
Operating temperature is -22 deg. F (-30 deg. C) to 140 deg. F (+60 deg. C).

Easy to install. All connections are simply plug & play.
Solar panel must face south, and be in clear direct view of the sun throughout the day.
Solar panel should be angled 15 degrees plus installation latitude.
Solar panel should not be shaded.
If above factors can not be achieved, please contact the sales department for assistance.


20 year solar panel warranty, 5 year warranty on all other components (excluding batteries). Batteries are covered by the manufacturer*.
Additionally, unlimited, lifetime technical support is available for all warranty registrations.

Please Note: This product is a special order and is non-returnable except in the event of a fault (during its warranty period) when the product, once returned will be repaired or replaced.

The solar panel must be installed in a location where it can receive full direct sunshine (when available) and usually set facing South at an appropriate angle (where adjustment options allow). The solar panel must not be installed in a shaded or part shaded location and never indoors. The standard specifications of the system (particularly the solar panel Wattage and battery capacity) may need to be adjusted. These components are determined by your geographic location, power consumption (LED Wattage) and the total amount of hours of illumination time required. Such changes to the standard specifications may increase or decrease the cost shown. Please contact us for more information or assistance. The illumination time is estimated and subject to various factors including (but not limited to) geographic location, seasons, temperature, weather conditions & location of product etc. The illumination time of most solar lights can reduce during winter months when the weather is poor and the days are shorter. During this time insolation hours decrease accordingly. Shorter illumination time due to one or more of the above factors does not define the product as being ‘defective’ or ‘not as described’. All solar lights must be used in a completely dark location at night time otherwise they may not illuminate. Nearby strong lighting sources or ambient lighting may affect the operation of a solar light. This does not define the product as being 'defective' or 'not as described'. Please note, if you do not install or use this product for several months the battery may discharge naturally on its own. By allowing a battery to deep discharge it may cause irreversible damage as the battery may then lose the ability to recharge or hold a full charge. Although unlikely, we reserve the right to supply this product with any minor alterations or minor changes to the specifications (shown above by text description or by photographs) due to different supplies or product batches received, incorporating such product changes made by the manufacturer, without further notice. Descriptions, specifications and photographs are updated regularly but may not be current when minor changes to a product have only recently been made.

* View our Terms, Conditions and Polices (including our Returns Policy) for further information.

Solar Lights Data
PriceFrom $474.99.
Lumen Output150 Lumens.
Approximate Illumination TimeTypically dusk to dawn.
Approximate Sign SIzeUp to 4' x 4' (1.2m x 1.2m).
Solar Panel WattageFrom 45 Watts.
Programable ControllerYes.