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Professional Solar Light Systems - By Solar Illuminations
Professional Solar Light Systems
No Power? No Problem! We have the best solar solution for your application.
Solar Bus Shelter Lights
Suitable for Bus Shelters, Canopies, and Sheds
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Solar Area & Parking Lot Lights
Providing safety and security in public spaces during the hours of darkness.
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West Point NY - Solar Sign Lights by Solar Illuminations
Solar Sign Lights
Adding lighting helps promote what needs to be seen throughout the night.
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Solar Billboard Lights
It makes sense to boost exposure with illuminated advertising.
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Solar Bollard Lights by Solar Illuminations
Solar Bollard Lights
An easy solution in providing effective and economical amenity lighting.
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Solar Street Lights at Cooper City - FL - By Solar Illuminations
Solar Street Lights
Using the latest technology to improve roadway visibility and safety.
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Professional Solar Lighting Solutions

We specialize in designing, manufacturing and supplying Commercial Solar LED Lights

Solar led lighting systems can be a cost saving solution to your lighting needs. Rather than going through the expense and hassle of trenching electric wires, you can install a self-contained outdoor solar lighting system. In addition to initial installation cost savings, solar energy systems are a lighting solution that do not require a monthly electric or meter bill, and require little to no regular maintenance. At a time where there is continuing pressure for companies and organizations to go green and be more environmentally friendly, a solar powered lighting system is a win-win option.
Solar Illuminations offers a large selection of commercial solar lighting systems. Most of the products we offer are commercial grade kits that are designed specifically for your requirements. One-size-fits-all solar lights can be a useful option for some applications, but if you want a solar light that performs reliably year-round, rain or shine, then you’ll want a heavy duty commercial option. When you purchase a system from us, if you desire dusk to dawn illumination, that means dusk to dawn. We’ll determine the longest night of the year (which can be up to 16 hours) and the weather conditions in your location. We pick the worst case scenario and base your system around it, along with providing additional battery back-up.
We offer many light options including solar street lights, solar sign lights, solar bus shelter lights, solar security lights, solar parking lot lights, solar flag pole lights, as well as others. Each product is supplied with a correctly sized solar panel comprised of high efficient solar cells, high capacity rechargeable AGM batteries, MPPT battery charge controller, weather-proof metal battery enclosure, and high powered LED light fixture.
We offer custom options for most systems including dimming, motion sensors, clock timers, remote & wired switches, among others. We back our systems with a 5 year limited warranty on the system, along with a 20 year limited warranty on our solar panels. We keep most products in stock, and can ship within a few business days; including our LED street lights and parking lot light poles.

Model: PO11 Solar Double Lamp Post Light 4W (With Pole)
This double lamp LED lamp post light is supplied complete with a 10' (3M) heavy duty steel pole.This solar powered pole light includes a pair of large..
Model: PO10 Solar Lamp Post Light 4W (With Pole)
This LED lamp post light is supplied complete with a 10' (3M) heavy duty steel pole.This solar powered pole light includes a large polycarbonate lamps..
Model: PO05 Solar Double Lamp Post Light 4W (With Pole)
This LED lamp post light is supplied complete with twin LED lampshades and a 10' (3M) aluminum, decorative, sectional pole.This solar powered pole lig..
Model: SL15 Solar Street Light 10W to 30W (With Pole)
This unique, decorative solar street light is our own design and available only and directly from Solar Illuminations. Choose any LED power from 10W t..
Model: SL22 Solar Street Light 10W to 30W (With Pole)
This decorative, twin luminaire solar powered street light is our own design and available only from us. Choose any LED power from 10W to 30W and dist..
Model: BC13 Solar Bollard
The solar 'Nova' bollard light is our own design and is not available elsewhere. It can be quickly and easily installed almost anywhere. Ideal for wal..
Model: FL01 Ground Spike
This ground spike is the perfect accessory for those wishing to ground stake their solar panel or fixture at the base of their flag pole. Simply attac..
Model: FL05 Sign Light
For customers wanting more illumination this 108 LED sign light is ideal. It's a heavy duty, commercial grade fixture supplied with a solar panel of y..
Model: FL13
This heavy duty solar panel clamp attachment kit was designed by us through popular demand. It enables our 6w, 7w, 10w, 14w, 20w or 30w solar panel to..
Model: FL06 Sign Light
This compact, medium duty 45 LED sign light is a popular choice for customers looking to illuminate a sign using a compact all-in-one product. Ideal f..

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