Solar Lighting Applications

Solar Illuminations offers a huge variety of high quality lighting products to customers around the world. Below is an example of some of the types of applications that we have supplied lighting systems for. We also offer custom designed systems to meet specific customer needs. Please contact us for more information or a quotation.

  • This Office Depot sign uses our LED tube lights inside this cabinet sign to illuminate it internally.


    We have supplied thousands of corporations with our products around the world. In an effort to use as much "green" energy as possible many corporations are looking to use solar as an alternative to grid-tied lighting. This applies to new installations as well as retro-fitting existing light fixtures. Federal and/or State incentives may also apply and help reduce the expenditure.

  • Our 522 LED street / parking lot light - US Army tank training camp.

    Government & Municipalities

    We have supplied hundreds of municipalities throughout the USA and internationally, and in addition, dozens of US and international government departments including US embassies. With the ever rising utility costs, emphasis on energy efficiency and the growing  popularity of using renewable energy it makes sense to go solar. It is often the only option for locations where AC power is too difficult or too costly to install. Whether it's lighting for a single sign or multiple lights for a street, we have a solar powered LED light fixture for the purpose.

  • Solar LED lights - Parking lot on Lake Tahoe, CA.

    Street, Road & Highway

    We supply and ship our solar LED street lights to customers around the world. We have a huge selection available, from very affordable systems which are ideal for the export market and volume buyer, to high lumen output models using the latest in LED technology and advanced optics. These systems improve night time visibility and security with a greater CRI (color rendering Index) than conventional incandescent or HID lighting.

  • US military base in Bahrain with 80 of our SL01 area lights installed on 20’ poles


    The US Department of Defense has committed to meet 25% of its energy needs with renewable energy by 2025, and we are here to support this growing demand for secure, affordable and independent energy. We have supplied many of our lighting systems to the US and UK military including Army, Navy, Air Force and Coastguard departments. We have exported our products to many facilities and bases domestically and overseas including Iraq, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Diego Garcia etc.

  • solar lights installed at a park in Indonesia

    Parks & Recreation

    We have supplied a multitude of our lighting products to parks and recreational departments throughout the USA, United Kingdom, and beyond. Many of these sites offer limited or no AC power, so it makes absolute sense to consider solar. It's sustainable, it's "green", and it's a perfect match for these types of environment. Whether its LED bollard for walkways, area lighting for playgrounds,  sign lighting for the entrance, or lighting for parking lots we have a solution. Not forgetting all the dog owners out there, we have supplied many systems for dog parks providing recreational and convenience lighting after sunset.

  • Solar bus shelter light system in use, on campus at Florida Gulf Coast University

    Schools & Universities

    Having sold hundreds of solar lighting systems to schools, colleges and universities around the world going solar it often a popular choice. With an abundant choice of different products from parking lot lighting, to sign lighting to bus shelter lighting. Often students have given input or studied the benefits of using solar powered lighting. Some have even participated and overseen the installation processes.

  • Solar bus shelter in Fort Lauderdale

    Airports & Transportation

    With many sites being far from AC power, once again solar serves to be the perfect choice. We have sold dozens of lighting systems to airports and transportation companies. From high output perimeter lighting at LAX, to transit shelter lighting at multiple locations throughout Washington State and at Disney resorts in Florida. We have an "off-the-shelf" solution for almost every application and if we don't then we will custom design a system to meet specific needs.

  • Solar sign light in Florida

    Sign, Media & Outdoor Advertizing

    We specialize in offering an extensive collection of solar powered LED sign lighting and billboard lighting systems. With over 100 different systems to choose from we consider ourselves as "The Experts" in sign lighting. Whether it's a simple 4' x 6' monument sign or a huge double sided 48' billboard we have a highly competitive product that is easy to install, highly effective and ultra reliable. We regularly design and manufacture customized light systems for the sign industry using the very latest in LED technology.

  • Solar bollards lights installed around a restaurant in Florida

    HOA's, Communities & Home Builders

    We offer a large range of products which are ideal for HOA's and community housing developments. We have supplied many of our lighting products to HOA's, private communities, and home builders in the USA, UK, and beyond. We have lighting for walkways, tennis courts, mail boxes, entrances, signs, streets, and for general security and amenity purposes.

  • Solar Ligths installed on a construction site on the Los Angeles Airport


    We offer a variety of solar powered LED lights for construction sites and outdoor work areas. Many of our area lights have been modified for portability, so the lighting can be moved around to where it is needed most. We also offer high power LED floodlights which can be used for security and/or perimeter lighting with or without motion sensors.

  • Solar LED sign lights and floodlights in operation at commercial site in Colorado Springs, CO

    Retail & Commercial

    We have served thousands of retail, multi-site retail and commercial customers around the world with a multitude of different lighting products. Whether its sign lighting or parking lot lighting, a new installation or a retro-fit, we have a solution.

  • Solar light fixtures installed on stone columns


    Over the past two decades we have met the ever increasing demand for solar lighting for residential and homeowners. We offer a large selection of solar light fixtures for accent lighting or to serve a specific purpose around the home and yard. Back in 2004, Solar Illuminations was the first company to offer solar powered LED string lights for the holidays and also solar powered LED flag pole lighting. More recently, we introduced easy-to-install comprehensive indoor lighting systems that replicate conventional AC powered lighting. So no matter what you are looking for, whether it's a motion sensor floodlight for the back patio or a decorative lamp post light for the front driveway, we always have a fantastic choice.